Jacques Scott introduces new plastic free options!

As Cayman’s leading seller of beverages – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – in the Cayman Islands, we at Jacques Scott Fine Wines and Spirits are keen to play our part and introduce options for water that are plastic free. Therefore, we are delighted to introduce a new product to the Cayman market which we believe will revolutionise the way we drink water on island. RAIN Water Company is a spring water bottler that has just begun containing its high quality spring water in recyclable aluminium bottles in a bid to help reduce the plastic waste that is usually associated with water bottles.

Representatives of RAIN Water Company say they were compelled to think more environmentally friendly when it came to how they sold their bottled water, having analysed how low the volumes of plastic recycling were when compared to the recycling of aluminium. In contrast to plastic, aluminium is highly recyclable, they say, and can be turned into another product in as little as two months. This is because aluminium fares well and maintains its integrity when melted many times. Indeed, one amazing statistic reveals that It is estimated that more than 75 per cent of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Plastics, on the other hand, are only recycled less than 10 per cent of the time, they say.

Another great asset to drinking water from an aluminium container is that spring water cools in just 20 minutes, whereas plastic is not a great container when needing to quickly cool down your water, taking as long as two hours to fully cool down the water it contains. Being able to quickly cool down your water is especially important for our customers here in the Cayman Islands who will always be looking for a cool drink in our hot climate. So, if you fancy going on a run, or an impromptu visit to the beach, it is great to know that your precious water can be cooled down quickly, enabling you to head to your destination without delay. Another important attribute is that aluminium emits no microparticles into the water it contains, whereas disposable plastic containers have microparticles that are not good for your health, nor are they good for Cayman’s environment.

The water itself is pure, crisp and wonderful to drink, coming from spring water that is harvested in north east Georgia, in the United States, a place that is renowned for its rainy weather. Ancient rock formations found deep underground in the Appalachian Mountains naturally filter the water, and which have been doing their job in purifying the water for a thousand years.

We understand it is important to bring our customers the best possible quality products while at the same time ensuring that we do our bit to try and preserve our environment and, by extension, the planet as a whole. That is why we are so pleased to be able to offer such a genuinely exciting product to our customers. You can buy RAIN Water Company water in store at any of our stores on Grand Cayman, or why not add some bottles to your online order? Just go to jacquesscottonline.com for free delivery on all your favourite beverages. Let’s all do our bit to stay hydrated while at the same time save the planet.


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