Appleton Kingston 62 Grand Cayman

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Appleton Kingston 62 Grand CaymanEach month, we offer a selection of fantastic specials, most of which can be purchased online and in our retail stores. Look for our flyer in the “Cayman Compass” on the first Friday of each month.

The Newest Jamaican Rum

Kingston 62 Jamaica Gold Rum is the newest rum produced by Appleton Estate, and it’s replacing an old Cayman favorite, the Appleton Special brand.

Kingston 62 is produced at the Appleton Estate Distillery with limestone filtered water and non-GMO molasses and yeast. It uses the same original Appleton Special and White recipes that were developed in the 1940s.

The name and packaging design celebrate the history of Jamaica’s independence in 1962 and Lion branding that symbolizes the strength, courage, and pride of the Jamaican people.

In the true Jamaican style, Kingston 62 us a great mixing rum. We love to enjoy it with Ginger Ale or Coconut Water.

Try Other Top-Rated Caribbean Rums

Although produced worldwide today, many of the best rums are still made in the Caribbean. For example:

Barbados – The world’s oldest existing brand of rum (since 1703), Mount Gay Rum comes from Barbados. The distilleries are in the northern part of the island where the Island’s best sugarcane grows. Other rums come from Barbados, but Mount Gay Silver is one of the most prominent and makes an excellent cocktail or mixing rum.

Bermuda – Produced in Bermuda since 1806, the award-winning Gosling’s Black Seal Black Rum has been blended by the Gosling family for generations. This is the rum that is combined with ginger beer to create Bermuda’s national drink – the Dark ‘N’ Stormy cocktail.

Cayman – Grand Cayman’s own Seven Fathoms Rum is an award-winning golden rum that is aged in wooden bourbon barrels seven fathoms under water. It is the first spirit to be made entirely in the Cayman Islands, and is made with local ingredients, including sugarcane from Grand Cayman’s East End.

CubaHavana Club 7 Años – “El Ron de Cuba” (“The Rum of Cuba”) –is a full-flavored, rich and sophisticated Cuban-style rum with plenty of elegance and class. The sweetness of the molasses-filled rum is balanced out by peppery oak spices and notes of wood and leather that give it an unmistakable smoky character.

Martinique – In 1887, Homère Clément bought a sugarcane plantation in Martinique and pioneered “rhum agricole,” a style of rum distilled from freshly squeezed sugarcane juice instead of molasses. Rhum Clément Vieux Select Barrel is distilled on a column still and then aged for a minimum of 3 years. According to the company, particular oak barrels are chosen for their rich natural sweetness and intense aromatic qualities.

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