Best Red Wine for Sangria

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Best Red Wines for Sangria

The name Sangria originated in Spain and was appreciated throughout Europe as a punch cocktail made from a combination of fruit and a sugar-sweetened wine. In most cases, you will want to choose a medium-to-full bodied red wine with low tannins. We recommend:

Tempranillo – A popular Spanish varietal, Tempranillo is flavorful but not too strong. Full of delicious fruit flavors, it’s an obvious choice for your Sangria. Rioja, also from Spain, is a blend of grape varieties but Tempranillo is the dominant grape. Try the Torres Iberico Rioja Crianza.

Zinfandel –Mostly grown in California, Zinfandel has moderate tannins and is excellent for Sangria. It is lighter in color than other reds, but is rich with fruits and accented with spice and floral notes. Try the Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel from California’s Sonoma County.

Malbec – Another delicious red wine for your Sangria, Malbec is one of France’s most heavily produced and popular wines. It is also cultivated and produced in large quantities in Argentina. It features a rich, full bodied taste with berry-like fruit flavors. Try the Trivento Reserve Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina.

Merlot – Some think of Merlot as the Chardonnay of red wines. Dry and full-bodied with flavors of watermelon, strawberry, cherry and plum, it also features soft notes of vanilla, mocha, and cloves, making it another great choice for Sangria. Try the Yellow Tail Merlot from South Australia.

Sangria Tips

  • Chill the wine ahead of time to help keep the wine from melting the ice in your Sangria too fast and diluting its flavors.
  • Make your Sangria a day ahead so that the flavors of the red wine and fruits have time to integrate.
  • If you think the wine you selected is too dry for your Sangria, sweeten it up by adding more fruit juice, simple syrup, agave nectar, or a splash of tonic water.

If you’re in a Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits store and see a red wine you don’t recognize, ask one of our wine experts if it will work for your Sangria. We have the best wine shops in the Cayman Islands and offer free delivery for online orders.