Best Time to Visit Cayman Islands

The best time to visit the Cayman Islands will be different for everyone. With warm temperatures between 72°F and 88°F year-round, what you decide may depend on the types of activities you enjoy or your tolerance for crowds of tourists. Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits can help you decide.

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Visiting Between November and April (Winter)

Known as “high season” or “dry season,” winter is the most popular time of year in the Cayman Islands, with bright sunshine, little rain, and delightful sea breezes. January and February are the coolest months (average high 75° F/24° C; average low 68° F/20° C). November and April are the warmest months of the season (average high 86° F/30° C; average low 72° F/22° C).

Visiting Between May and October (Summer)

Summer is considered the “off season” or “wet season” in the Cayman Islands, with September and October being the wettest months, but temperatures are also warmer at this time of year, averaging 87°-90° F/30°-32° C. Although increased humidity can make it seem warmer, our clear, calm waters are ideal for diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing at this time of year, and you’ll enjoy discounted hotel prices and fewer crowds.

Visiting During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1 and ends on November 30 in the Atlantic, but the Cayman Islands are far enough west that most big storms that pass through the Caribbean Sea turn northward before they reach us. The water can be choppy, however, particularly during August and September, so take this into consideration if you are planning to enjoy our world-class scuba diving destinations.

Holidays and Events

The Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s holidays all draw visitors to the Cayman Islands for special events and festivities. This may be exciting for some, but not so much for those looking for quiet relaxation.

Cayman Carnival Batabano is the Cayman Island’s national carnival, held during the first week of May. Attendees enjoy colorful costumes, street dances, parade floats, vibrant Island music and more. If you don’t like crowds, it may be wise to visit during a different week.

Our annual Pirates Week festival is held in November, with festivities that begin on Cayman Brac, continue on Grand Cayman, and end with a parade, BBQ and fireworks on Little Cayman. The event draws thousands of people locally and internationally for the street dances, firework shows, steel band competitions, heritage days and more.

Anytime at all is the best time to visit the Cayman Islands. When you’re here, take advantage of FREE liquor delivery from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits!