Best White Wine for Seafood

When pairing wine with seafood, white wine rules – but which ones? The experts at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits will help you make the best selection.

Best White Wine for Seafood

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Which White Wine to Pair with Your Seafood

In general, delicate fish goes well with a lighter white wine, and a heavy fish will pair better with a richer, full-bodied wine. Here are some recommendations:

Mild Flavored, Lean & Flaky Fish

This category includes sea bass, branzino, black sea bass, flounder, perch, sole, fluke, tilapia, wild striped bass, halibut, pollock, and haddock.

Wine pairings we think you will love:

Medium Flavored & Textured Fish

This group includes firmer fish that tend to hold up to richer sauces and ingredients, such as trout, arctic char, catfish, red snapper, grouper, cod, haddock, redfish, halibut, monkfish, Chilean seabass, and Escobar.

Wine pairings we think you will love:

Firm & Meaty Fish

In this category you will find fish that are firm and meaty with a steak-like texture, including tuna, bluefish, salmon, mahi mahi, shark, monkfish and swordfish.

Wine pairings we think you will love:

Strong, Intensely Flavored Fish

The fish in this group are salty and taste like the sea, such as anchovies, sardines, herring and mackerel.

Wine pairings we think you will love:

Raw Fish & Shellfish

This category of raw fish and shellfish includes ceviche, sushi, scallops, clams, oysters, prawns, green lip mussels, shrimp, lobster and crab.

Wine pairings we think you will love:

No matter which white wine you choose to pair with your seafood, enjoy the best selection and free delivery on Grand Cayman from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits.