Buy Absolut Vodka on Grand Cayman

Founded in 1879 and introduced to the global market in 1979, Absolut vodka is now the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world. Buy it on Grand Cayman from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits.

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About Vodka

Vodka’s name comes from “voda,” the Russian word for water. It is made from a variety of grains, such as sorghum, corn, rye or wheat, and sometimes from potatoes, molasses, grapes, rice, or sugar. The base ingredient is fermented, and yeasts turn the sugars into alcohol. Then it’s distilled (usually at least three times) to extract the alcohol.

Vodka is too strong to drink immediately after distillation, so purified water is added to bring it back down to a bottling proof, which is typically 80 proof, or 40 percent alcohol, by volume.

Vodka that is not flavored is usually clear and has no distinct flavor or smell. It makes a great ingredient in cocktails. Flavored vodka has a special flavor and aroma added to it. The most popular are fruits (cherries, citrus, berries, pomegranate, etc.), chocolate and coffee.

Things to Know About Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is one of the most recognized vodka brands in the world. It’s also the third largest brand of spirits in the world following Bacardi and Smirnoff and is sold in over 120 countries.

  • Absolut is produced in southern Sweden with 100% white winter wheat from local farms and other ingredients that are all grown within a 75-mile radius of the distillery.
  • As part of its commitment to sustainable business practices, the company gives leftover wheat residue to local farmers for use as animal feed. The carbon dioxide released during production is bottled and sold to beverage companies, and the bottles are made from 40 percent recycled glass.
  • Absolut sources its water from local wells that are more than 450 feet deep, meaning it has been pushing its way through Swedish bedrock for thousands of years. The bedrock acts like a natural filter for the water and, theoretically, yields a cleaner, purer product.
  • Andy Warhol. the eccentric pop artist, played a huge role in Absolut’s rise to the status of cultural icon in the U.S. Throughout his prolific career, Warhol created over 50 different pieces of art centered around the Absolut bottle.

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