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Try Austrian Riesling

Rieslings are among the finest light, fruity wines in the world. Some of the best come from Austria and Germany, but France, Washington, New York and Australia are close behind. Flavors range from dry and stony to floral and sweet, and the best wines have great acidity that keeps the wine lively.

Austria’s tradition of grape cultivation and winemaking goes back thousands of years. The perfect climate in the region is ideal for grape-growing and give the vines the best conditions for bearing fruit.

Hot sun on terraced vineyards and cool and windy nights allow the grapes to become fully ripe, enabling winemakers to fully ferment the wine to create the dry Rieslings that represent the majority of Austrian Rieslings. Despite Austria’s image as the producer of some of the world’s finest white wines, it is also home to a thriving red wine culture.

Many consider the excellent Rieslings to be Austria’s best wines. They are produced in three primary regions: Wachau, Kremstal and Kamptal. They are crisp and highly structured and feature less acidity than their counterparts that are produced in Germany. The wines are nicely balanced out by notes of citrus, flowers, minerals, and stone fruit.

Try a bottle of:  2013 Kracher Beerenauslese from Burgenland, Austria

This wine scored 95 Points from Wine Enthusiast. It has musky notes followed by aromas of dark fir honey and candied pineapple. The palate features an almost grassy, herbal tinge and creates an intriguing edge amid the luscious sweetness. On the finish, an array of fruit breaks loose: tart apple, apple jelly, candied grapefruit peel and candied lemon.

The wine producer, Kracher, also makes a wide range of other wines, including Auslese, Eiswein, sparkling and dry white and red wines.

Pair it with: Shellfish, chicken, pork, pasta, salads, grilled vegetables, smoked sausages and deli meats, Chicken Alfredo, Southwestern foods, and fruit-based desserts.

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