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About Heineken

Heineken Lager Beer, known as Heineken Pilsener in Holland, or just plain Heineken, is a pale lager beer that has 5% alcohol by volume and is produced by the Dutch brewing company Heineken N.V.

In 1864, Gerard Heineken convinced his wealthy mother to buy De Hooiberg, a struggling brewery in Amsterdam that had been around since the 16th century.

In 1879, a student of Louis Pasteur, the renowned French chemist, was hired to develop a specific type of yeast for Bavarian bottom fermentation, and the first Heineken brand beer was brewed. To this day, the yeast is still a key ingredient in Heineken lager.

The refreshing Heineken flavor is achieved by using just three pure ingredients: water, malted barley, and hops. Before brewing, the barley grain must be malted, which involves soaking it in water and allowing it to germinate. This process, and the special Heineken yeast, help give the beer its distinct flavor.

Since 1975, most Heineken brand beer has been brewed at the company’s brewery in Zoeterwoude, Netherlands. Heineken International is a huge company with a portfolio of over 250 international, regional, local, and specialty beers, the largest of which are Heineken and Amstel. It also produces Mexico’s Tecate, Dos Equis, Sol, Bohemia, Carta Blanca, and Indio; Jamaica’s Red Stripe; Haiti’s Prestige; Southeast Asia’s Tiger Beer; Italy’s Birra Moretti; the U.K.’s Newcastle Brown Ale; and Ireland’s Murphy’s Stout; among others.

Try Cayman Craft Beer

To broaden your horizons, try the only beers brewed in the Cayman Islands!

Cayman Islands Brewery (CIB) was launched in 2007 and is the only brewery on Island. They pride themselves on their environmentally friendly production and distribution, including returnable bottles.

  • Caybrew is a full-bodied premium pale lager with a clean, crisp character and is CIB’s flagship product. It has been awarded an international gold medal for quality.
  • 345 Beer is a crisp and refreshing light lager and one of the Islands’ most popular beers.
  • White Tip Lager is a smooth, moderate-bodied pilsner and the world’s first conservation beer. Part of the profits are donated to Cayman Marine Conservation.

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