Is Alcohol Expensive in Grand Cayman?

Is alcohol expensive in Grand Cayman? Most visitors are curious about food and drink prices on-Island. The experts at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits let you know what to expect below.

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Is Alcohol Expensive in Grand Cayman?It’s important to know that alcohol is not available at any of the grocery stores on Grand Cayman, so you’ll need to stop at one of our convenient liquor stores for your beer, wine and spirits.

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  • Countryside Shopping Mall, Savannah, (345) 947-1536
  • Morrits Plaza, East End, (345) 946-2349
  • Frank Sound (345) 949-5397

Eating & Drinking on Grand Cayman

Prices at most stores, bars and restaurants on Grand Cayman are listed in the local currency – the Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD). When paying with US Dollars, add 20% to account for the exchange rate. In other words, $1.00 KYD is equal to $1.20 USD.

On Grand Cayman, like any island, most products have to be imported, so you can expect prices on the things you eat and drink at home to be somewhat more expensive here. For example:

  • Breakfast – In many hotels, breakfast is included with your stay. If you decide to venture out, expect to be offered coffee, juice and pastries of all kinds. KYD $3.50 – $8.00
  • Lunch – Eat on the beach or in a restaurant and enjoy lots of fish choices, salads and pastas. KYD $9.00 – $15.00
  • Dinner – Seafood, burgers, salads, pastas and pizza can be found most everywhere. KYD $12.00 – $25.00
  • Beer – Whether in a small club or a bar (in or out of a restaurant), you will find a selection of domestic and imported beers. KYD $2.50 – $5.00
  • Cocktails – Expect to pay KYD $10.00 – $12.00 in a downtown club
  • Wine – KYD $15.00 – $27.00 per bottle.

To save on your favorite drinks, take advantage of Grand Cayman’s many watering holes that offer great happy hour and other deals.

Is alcohol expensive in Grand Cayman? For more information about liquor prices, check out Cayman Good Taste. And stop in at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits where we’ll deliver your order for free.