What Kind of Beer Can You Buy in Grand Cayman?

What kind of beer can you buy in Grand Cayman? If you shop at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits, you’ll be able to enjoy just about any beer you could want!

Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits is the Cayman Islands’ largest retailer of beer, wine and spirits. We are well-known for offering the best brands of beer and spirits at the best prices. Our beer selection includes Cayman’s bestselling beer, Heineken, as well as Red Stripe, Amstel Light, Amstel Bright, Guinness, Coors and Stella Artois.

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Grand Cayman Beer and Hard Cider Guide

What Kind of Beer Can You Buy in Grand Cayman?Discover award-winning beers at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits, like these selections from around the globe:

Blue Moon Belgian White:  This is an unfiltered wheat ale brewed by Coors in Denver, Colorado and spiced in the Belgian tradition for a smooth taste. It has won a variety of medals in the white beer category.

Caybrew: This is a full-bodied premium pale lager with a clean, crisp character and is Cayman Islands Brewery’s flagship product. It has been awarded an international gold medal for quality.

Corona: This is a Pilsner-type beer that has been brewed and bottled domestically in Mexico since 1925. It has a slightly sweet taste with a dash of citrus and hints of lemon and ginger.

Crabbie’s Ginger Beer: The UK’s best-selling alcoholic ginger beer is a refreshing sipper on a warm Cayman day (over ice with a slice of lemon or lime).

Dos Equis Lager Especial:  Brewed in Monterrey, Mexico from pure spring water and the choicest hops, Dos Equis (which means “two X’s” in Spanish) is a refreshing golden aromatic lager that drinks like a pilsner.

Dragon Stout: Brewed in Kingston, Jamaica, Dragon is a nice alternative to Guinness Stout. It has a nice aroma, without the chocolate and coffee overtones of most stouts.

Hoegarden: This well-known, award-winning wheat beer comes from the Belgian village of Hoegaarden, where white beers (witbieren) have been brewed since 1445.

Newcastle Brown Ale: The biggest selling bottled ale in the UK, Newcastle Brown Ale sells more than 47 million bottles a year. The taste is sweet, hoppy and well balanced with a malty, nutty aroma.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager:  From the Boston Beer Company, this deep amber lager helped revive a passion for full-flavored, rich and robust brews more than 30 years ago.

Sol: You may be most familiar with Corona, but Sol (which means “sun”) is one of the oldest Mexican beers. The light, golden, flavorful lager has been brewed in Mexico since 1899 and is best when ice cold.

White Tip Lager: Another entry from Cayman Islands Brewery is this smooth, moderate-bodied pilsner, the world’s first conservation beer. Part of the profits are donated to Cayman Marine Conservation.

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