What Kind of Beer Can You Buy in the Cayman Islands?

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What Kind of Beer Can You Buy in the Cayman Islands?As the leading retailer of premium beers, wines and spirits in the Cayman Islands, Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits is the exclusive distributor for many fine beer brands, including Heineken, Coors Light, Dos Equis, and Amstel Light, and also offers the widest selection of liquor, wine and champagne on Grand Cayman.

Types of Beer

All beers are made from some combination of water, malts, hops and yeast. They can be divided into two main types –ales and lagers – and the main difference between them is the brewing process.


Brewed quickly (sometimes in just one week), ales use top-fermenting yeast at mid-range room temperatures which tend to give them a fruitier and spicier flavor than lagers.

Ales are mostly full-bodied, robust and complex. They are often darker than lagers, ranging from rich gold to reddish amber. They typically also have a higher alcohol content than lagers.

Ales come in many varieties, including pale ale, India pale ale, amber ale, porters, and stouts. We recommend:

  • Blue Moon Belgian White is an unfiltered white wheat ale (a.k.a. Witbier) with a smooth, crisp taste and a zesty orange fruitiness. It is brewed by Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado.
  • Sol Beer is a bright and refreshing pale lager that was created by a German brew master in the heart of Mexico in 1899, It’s particularly popular on a hot summer’s day,


Lagers are made with a bottom-fermenting yeast — a yeast that, when finished fermenting, drops to the bottom of the tank. Because they are slowly fermented in very cold temperatures, the beer is more stable and can be stored (or “lagered”) for longer than ales.

Lagers are lighter in body and color than ales and have a crisp flavor. They can range from sweet to bitter and pale to black, but most are a pale to medium color, have high carbonation, and an emphasis on the hops and malt flavors. In general, lagers have a lower alcohol content than ales. Lagers include pilsners, bocks and dunkels, and are the world’s most popular beers.

  • Red Stripe is Jamaica’s famous brew that debuted in 1928. It’s a beautiful pale lager with a light gold color. Today, Red Stripe is a subsidiary of Heineken, one of the largest beverage conglomerates in the world.
  • White Tip Lager, a favorite from Cayman’s own Cayman Islands Brewery, is a smooth, moderate-bodied pilsner. It pairs well with jerk chicken and pork, hot wings, shellfish, and most spicy foods.

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