Wine Pairings with Cheese

Interested in the best way to pair wine and cheese? The knowledgeable experts at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits can give you some suggestions for terrific pairings.

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Wine Pairings with CheeseWe specialize in great wines and champagnes from all regions and all price points. We will be delighted to help you discover delicious wines for your big event from Italy, France, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.

Experiment & Enjoy!

Bleu Cheese: Blue cheeses are pungent and salty. Opposites attract, so the sweetness of a Riesling or Port is the perfect complement.

Brie: Brie is a soft, creamy cheese that comes in many varieties, each with its own slight flavor variations.  Its best friend is Pinot Noir, but it pairs well with a crisp, acidic wine, like Pinot Blanc, and with Champagne.

Camembert: Rich, creamy cheeses like Camembert are perfectly balanced by the blueberry flavor and low tannins of Cabernet Franc, but a fruity red like a Pinot Noir or a Rosé would also be a good match.

Cheddar: Cheddar can handle the tannic strength of red wines. Cabernet Sauvignon can draw out the cheese’s bold flavors. Zinfandel is another great pairing. And a chocolatey Malbec helps balance out the sharpness.

Feta: You will need a bright red wine that will match the saltiness of feta. Beaujolais is a great solution.

Goat Cheese: This cheese is known for its subtleness and needs to be paired with a wine that won’t overwhelm it. Sauvignon Blanc is the ideal pairing.

Gouda (Aged): To stand up to gouda’s nutty flavors, you need a tannic, full bodied wine. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are great matches.

Gruyère: This cheese has a delightfully nutty, spicy, full flavor. It works well with a medium-bodied Pinot Noir, a crisp, citrusy Pinot Grigio, or the fruit and nut flavors in Chardonnay.

Jarlsberg: Jarlsberg has a notably nutty flavor. Pair it with the crispy citrus tones of a fruity Riesling or a fruity Viognier.

Manchego: Manchego is Spain’s most famous cheese and has a zesty sweet flavor. The quintessential Spanish wines, Rioja or Tempranillo, are great companions.

Monterey Jack: This classic American cheese demands a wine on the lighter, fruitier side, such as Merlot.

Mozzarella: This fresh, milky cheese is a great companion for light, dry, sparkling Champagne, but Pinot Grigio is another good match.

Parmesan: The bubbles in Prosecco cut through the saltiness of hard Parmesan, but Chianti is a nice combination.

Ricotta: Sweet, creamy ricotta loves tangy Riesling. Try it with both the sweet and dry variations of this German classic wine.

Swiss: Swiss cheeses are a great match for light or fruity red wines, such as Beaujolais, Grenache, red Burgundy, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel.

As you explore wine and cheese pairings, stop in at a Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits store on Grand Cayman where our team of experts will help you make a selection for every meal.