Bailey’s Almande, dairy free and a tiny 67 calories

Did you know that over 55% of New Years Resolutions are health-related? Are you surprised to learn that a mere 8% of people achieve their New Years’ goals? Want to be one of them?

To crush your health and wellbeing goals in 2020 then take our advice; skip massive sweeping changes and high expectations. Install small changes into your routine instead. That’s the proven way to make all change stick. Jump off the ‘dry January’ bandwagon, choose low-calorie beverages that are full of flavour instead, and enjoy in moderation. To help you get started, we’ve got Bailey’s Almande on special this January 2020 (if you’re reading this beyond our special, shoot us a message, we’ll let you know what’s on special!). Delicious dairy-free, certified vegan, luxury cream liqueur at the special of $24.99.

You’re not just saving money with the Bailey’s Almande deal, you’re saving calories too. A glass of Bailey’s Almande is 67 calories versus 130 calories for a Bailey’s Irish Cream. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free with very low net-carbs, yet this is no diet drink. This is a new way to indulge your taste for luscious, flavourful pleasure while staying mindful of your health objectives.

The food ecosystem continues to change, and savvy consumers are looking to brands for innovative plant-based and sustainable products. Bailey’s Irish cream is an iconic adult treat, a sublime mix of sweet Irish cream from grass-fed cattle and smooth Irish whiskey. It’s a glass of luxury that adds glamour to even quiet evenings at home. We certainly never considered something so sumptuous could be remade to be healthier. But with around 36% of consumers in most markets shying away from dairy basesd milk these days, we’re glad the team at Bailey’s chose to revolutionise cream liqueur. Ethical eaters want to have fun too!

Once we tried this dairy-free, certified vegan luxury cream liqueur, we were sold. Bailey’s created a modern classic for all cream liqueur drinkers. Bailey’s Almande blends nutty flavours of real almonds, essences and almond oil with notes of honey and vanilla, rounding it out with rich almond milk. All the dreamy delight of a Bailey’s and – according to some highly allergic and food sensitive samplers – no adverse reactions. This plant-based newbie packs a delicious punch, which may prove just a popular as the original.

Bailey’s Almande Recipies

Remember that a local bartender created our world-famous Mudslide here on Grand Cayman in the 1970s when he substituted Bailey’s Irish Cream for fresh cream in a White Russian order. Necessity breeds delicious new drinks, so start experimenting with this versatile liqueur today. Who knows – perhaps you’ll create the next Cayman Islands classic.

Bailey’s coffee is still a thing! Simply add a generous dash of Bailey’s Almande to your brunchtime coffee. Blend a shot with a cup of coffee and crushed ice for a refreshing iced coffee.

Fans are favouring Bailey’s Almande frappés – create your own based on the following:

  • 1 cup Bailey’s Almande
  • 1 cup ice
  • Blend with your fruit of choice and serve in a tall glass.

Fast becoming the most popular serve, and perfect for our Cayman Islands hot weather, you need to try the Bailey’s Almande Refresh.

  • 3oz Bailey’s Almande
  • 3oz Coconut Water
  • Pour over ice.

Pick up your bottle of Bailey’s Almande from any of our retail stores, or order online now for free delivery.