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If you prefer winding down your day or turning up your party with Crown Royal Whisky, keep your traditions alive while in the Cayman Islands when you buy your supply at Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits.

Buy Crown Royal Whisky in the Cayman IslandsThe primary source of wine, beer, and liquor on Grand Cayman, Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits is the choice for residents and tourists. We’re also the exclusive distributor for Crown Royal Whisky as well as many other favorites. The inventory we hold includes the most popular brands as well as carefully selected finds.

Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits offers six separate locations on the island including in the neighborhoods of Frank Sound, East End, West Bay, George Town, Savannah, and Seven Mile Island as well as online ordering through our website with FREE delivery to absolutely all destinations on Grand Cayman.

For same day delivery, place your online order by 2:00 in the afternoon. Customers who miss this deadline can pick up their orders by 7:00 at the Georgetown liquor store.

FYI – Crown Royal Whisky

If you love Crown Royal Whisky, we get it. In the time since it was introduced to the US, it has become the most popular brand of Canadian whisky for US consumers. Known for the purple velvet packaging and classic taste, Crown Royal is a drink worth grabbing, and the only place to get it on Grand Cayman is from Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits.

Keep the conversation going around the beach bonfire, on the yacht, or at the bar with the following interesting facts regarding Crown Royal Whisky.

Origin Story

Crown Royal Whisky was created as a welcoming gift for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939 upon the first visit of the reigning monarchs to Canada. The King and Queen took ten cases of the whisky with them upon the continuation of their journey across the country. The whisky and its presentation in a purple velvet bag made such an impression that the product began being referred to as Crown Royal. The taste was so impressive that the whisky became well-known throughout the continent.

Support for Troops

Crown Royal sends food items, hygiene products, and clothing pieces to active-duty US soldiers serving overseas through a partnership with Packages from Home. The Purple Bag Project was formed in 2018 and  sends these care items in the velvet purple bag Crown Royal is known for.

Unique Distillation

While many whisky brands use pot distillation, Crown Royal uses column distillations for efficient distillation. With 12 column stills, the blend of corn, barley, and rye distillates is produced in a timely fashion without sacrificing the flavor of the whisky.

Crown Royal within the Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits Inventory

  • Crown Royal – 40% ABV Canadian whisky
  • Crown Royal Deluxe Blended Canadian Whisky – 40% ABV, commonly enjoyed mixed with cola over ice.
  • Crown Royal Reserve – 40% ABV, blend of 50 full-bodied whiskies, commonly enjoyed neat or on the rocks.
  • Crown Royal Black Blended Whisky – 45% ABV, aged in charred oak barrels. For a Black Whisky Manhattan, mix with vermouth and bitters and enjoy on ice.

To buy Crown Royal Whisky in the Cayman Islands, you’ll have to shop with Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits. Stop in at one of our liquor store locations, or shop online for free delivery directly to your location on Grand Cayman.